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“If a bloke broke his leg, he’d get help. He would be honest with his doctor about his leg, and it would be looked after.


We need to get to a point in Australia where if we have a problem with our mind, we seek and get that same help.”


 – Anthony Hart


In 2003, Anthony on anti-depressants, sleep deprived and suffering depression, made a significant attempt on his life. Through a remarkable stroke of luck, he clung onto life and survived.

Through his arduous recovery, Anthony uncovered four powerful yet simple steps to better mind health. In collaboration with SAHMRI, he turned these steps into a free app - Lifeback Tracker.

Fast forward to today, Anthony is doggedly determined to bring about change in the way Aussie men deal with health issues of the mind.

Through his arduous work guiding blokes struggling with poor mental health, Anthony created the Mind Health Toolbox, which just like a toolbox in a shed, every tool in it has a purpose. His work has the potential to significantly improve the mind and physical wellbeing of all Australians.

Anthony is a gregarious and relatable campaigner who delivers the raw truth about mind health in Australia, yet does so in a manner that empowers the audience with tools to facilitate positive changes in their own lives and the lives of others.

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toolbox talk


Just like a toolbox in a shed, every tool has its purpose. In this short session Anthony shares an abridged version of his story, and walks attendees through practical, easy to use tools designed to help you confront, address, and manage the stuff in your head.

Perfect for Toolbox sessions, short catchups and meetings

Attendees: Unlimited

anthony hart keynote speaker mental health

KEYNOTE - 45 MINutes

When Anthony shares his story, it’s like a sucker punch to the senses that stays with you long after you leave the room. His approach is unapologetically direct, offering a raw unfiltered glimpse from the brink of suicide to a life dedicated to helping others. With entrepreneurial flair, he shares the Mind Health Toolbox, a collection of remarkably simple, easy to use tools developed & designed to help others better confront, address, and manage their own mental health.

Having shared his powerful narrative with over 20,000 individuals globally, Anthony possesses a remarkable ability to captivate, educate, and empower audiences with an unforgettable message.

Ideal for conferences, large meetings

Attendees: Unlimited

Experience share & Q+A


In this high-impact 60-minute session, Anthony shares his incredible survival story and tools he developed on his path to recovery – ones we can use in our own lives when facing significant challenges. This format is designed for an intimate experience, perfectly tailored to your community group, sporting club, or workplace. 

Attendees gain a unique opportunity to connect and ask specific questions to someone who has walked the walk. Anthony encourages ‘after talk’ calls, making it a truly personal and impactful experience.

Attendees: Unlimited


lifeback tracker workshop

Lifeback Tracker - 30 MINutes

In this high impact session participants learn Lifeback Tracker’s 4 steps to better mind health, which puts one in a better place to confront, deal with and manage life challenges. To give content to how it was created, Anthony shares an abridged version of his remarkable story.

Attendees: 50

mind health toolbox workshop


Discover vital tools to confront, manage, and maintain better mind health. Like the toolbox in your shed, each one has its purpose. Participants are guided through each tool, meticulously designed to combat early signs of stress, anxiety, or depression.

We dive deep, covering how to:

  • Identify: get triggers out of your head + onto paper
  • Connect: visit GP + confide in a mate
  • Plan: 4 steps to improve your mind health
  • Track: progress + check-in

Attendees leave with know-how to use this free resource and share with family and friends.

Attendees: 25


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Put the fire out in your head.

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Tools to confront, address & manage the stuff in your head.




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